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FEC PLS510 Diode Tester - Page 2

Tests Performed
I/O to 50A, SURGE to 1000A, VR to 1300V. Note: I/O 100A for 3 cycles maximum. Duty Cycle and repetitions programmable. VF measured during final SURGE pulse.
SURGE (single pulse) Peak current to 1200A
VF Peak current to 1200A with 4mS pulse. Current is derated for longer pulses.
THERMAL RESPONSE IH to 50A, readout in C/W or DVF. TH programmable in mS.
THERMAL RESISTANCE IH to 50A, readout in C/W. Stops at time programmable in seconds.


Ranges (forcing)
SURGE 0-1200A  1% and 0.1A
I/O 0-3.0A     1% and 0.20mA
0-50A      1% and 0.1A
VF 0-300.0mA  1% and 0.1mA
0-3.000A   1% and 0.1mA
0-6.00A     1% and 0.10mA
0-1200.0A   1% and 0.1A
IH for Thermal Tests Same as VF
IM Programmable 10 to 256mA

Compliance Voltage

The tester will produce at least 5V at its terminals at any legal current. Out of compliance conditions are detected and readings marked "Invalid."


Pulses both rectangular and half sine are correct within 1% except as noted below. TMD is correct 1% and 2S except as noted below.


For all tests except Thermal and VF types, there is a large SCR in series with the Forward Current Supplies. The time for the supply to turn on and the SCR to fire is about 300S. For half sine pulses, this clips off a small part of the rising edge. Since this is the low current part of the wave, the effect on the total energy is very small.

The SCR is not used for Thermal or VF tests.

The TMD is measured from the time the IH is switched off. The time required for the switch from IH to IM is variable, a complex function of the DUT, the IH and IM programmed and variations in the power supplies. The "Cooling plot" function available in the software program "VFS2" is very useful in evaluating this effect.


Ranges (readout)
Voltage (except Thermal) 0-20.000V  0.25% and 1mV
Voltage for VF at IM 0-1.6383V  0.25% and 0.5mV



The scales used for this output are just digital calculations using measurements taken on the ranges above and depend on these for their accuracy.

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