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FEC SC924 Diode Scanner

The SC924 is an electromechanical device for testing diodes loaded on burn-in boards.

A set of Kelvin contacts is indexed from diode to diode. The contacts move over a range of 24 inches in the X direction and the table holding the boards moves over a range of 9 inches. This allows scanning of multiple burn-in boards or boards with multiple rows of diodes.

This method is much faster and more reliable than manual testing and much more accurate and reliable than typical relay type scanners.

The SC924 scanner is controlled by a micro-controller containing firmware that communicates in a very intelligent way with the tester. For example, the system can be programmed to stop on fail and back off to allow the operator to replace a bad diode.

An LCD display monitors progress, showing the serial number of the current diode or the number of a diode causing stop on fail.

A non-volatile memory can remember up to 10 different scanning patterns as well as several user options.

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